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Services Overview

We can only change things if we talk about them!

An Idea is Born

Prevent in schools has received a mixed response, with many individuals feeling overwhelmed. The services we offer aim to complement existing training such as WRAP and mandatory on- line courses by giving staff confidence in addressing issues and opening dialogue in the classroom.

What do we offer?

Our packages are designed to complement each other and offer schools a foundation on which to build their cultural competency.

Our two main packages are :

Same Difference : an interactive programme for pupils of all ages, examining stereotypes and perceptions.

Towards Cultural Competence : an interactive workshop for all staff and governors examining the school environment around inclusion. 

Happy Customers

We have had a tremendously positive response to the workshops with word of mouth being the best publicity.

Starting in Wigan in conjunction with the Council and local charities, we have grown and have delivered to many schools in Lancashire , a selection of which are listed below.

St. Oswalds Primary School. Coppull

Westleigh Primary School. Wigan

Lowton Junior & Infant School.

Gillibrand Primary. Chorley

Holy Cross H.S. Chorley

Hawkley Hall H.S Wigan

Moss Side Primary School. Leylend.

Why Us?

At Building Stronger Communities we endeavour to deliver bespoke packages tailor made for your needs. We aim to generate discussion around sensitive and sometimes difficult subjects.

By investing in today we will have a better tomorrow.