BuildingStronger Communities

Promoting Community Cohesion

Same Difference KS2. Year 3/4

Lesson Aim: Examining perceptions and attitudes.

Through discussion and debate young people will be encouraged to explore ideas and thoughts around some sensitive issues. Some of the content is designed to make participants feel slightly uncomfortable in order to help demonstrate attitudes.

1.00pm                       Introduction

1.05-1.15pm              Exploring what Same Difference means – activity

1.15-1.30pm              Exploring perceptions. – activity

1.30-1.45pm              Examining Stereotypes – activity

1.45-2.00pm              Stereotypes continued. Look at me!

2.00-2.20pm              Emotions caused by intolerance- activity

2.20-3.00pm              What makes us British? Exploring British Values.

3.00-3.15pm              Dressing up.

3.15-3.30pm              Q&A


0pm Finish.

Evaluations will be sent electronically to complete. This allows for reflection after the session.

Although this is a session template it is subject to change. The programme allows for young people to lead the direction of discussions.