BuildingStronger Communities

Promoting Community Cohesion

Same Difference KS2. Year 5/6

Lesson Aim: Examining perceptions and attitudes.

Through discussion and debate young people will be encouraged to explore ideas and thoughts around some sensitive issues.

9.15am                   Introduction

9.15-9.30am          Exploring what Same Difference means – activity

9.30-9.45am          Exploring perceptions. – activity

9.45-10.20am        Spot the terrorist – activity


10.45-11.00am      Stereotypes continued. Look at me!

11.00-11.30am      What makes us British? Exploring British Values. Brexit and the consequences.

11.30-11.50am      Dressing up.

11.50-12.00pm     Q&A

12.00pm Finish.

Evaluations will be sent electronically to complete. This allows for reflection after the session.

Although this is a session template it is subject to change. The programme allows for young people to lead the direction of discussions.