BuildingStronger Communities

Promoting Community Cohesion

Anti- Racism Week March 2017

Building Stronger Communities

Promoting Community Cohesion

The training covers:

Encouraging Dialogue

Creating space for dialogue is essential in order to build cohesive communities. Exploring what racism is and the impacts it has on individuals and communities. Through dialogue we are able to build trust and confidence and equip young people to challenge stereotypes.

Fostering Tolerance

We offer whole school assemblies or individual workshops that challenge existing stereotypes and promote understanding, tolerance and awareness.

Programme rationale

Amid a vitriolic atmosphere of anti-migrant hysteria and a situation where anyone considered to be ‘foreign’ is being attacked on a daily basis there has never been a more important time in history to stand up to racism.

‘Today we are witnessing a surge of intolerance, racist views and hate-driven violence. In these tumultuous times, we must stand up for the rights and dignity for all, and for diversity and pluralism… An assault on one minority community is an attack on all.‘

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

A half hour whole school assembly that aims to raise awareness and enhance tolerance.

A 90 mins workshop for individual classes exploring through discussion, group work

and self-reflection stereotyping and its consequences.

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