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Additional Services

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Additional Services

At Building Stronger Communities we endeavour to provide other bespoke inclusion sessions that will assist schools with attendance, attainment, safeguarding, social responsibility and support pupils to lead lives as active citizens.

Some of these sessions include:

Governor training

Whole school attendance analysis and action planning

Whole school Safeguarding auditing and modelling excellent safeguarding

Mental Health and school resilience – auditing and action planning

Towards cultural Competence linked to safeguarding and preventing radicalisation

Developing Lead professional training to facilitate multi agency working in a resource limited environment

Developing school capacity on undertaking Early Help Assessments

Developing an effective parental engagement school

Same difference training – raising cultural awareness within schools

Utilising the Voice of the Child in school

Anti-bullying workshops

Peer Mentoring

Learning outside the classroom- exploring ways to engage with pupils who may not perform in a classroom environment

Using Camp craft to develop team work

Arrange v forced marriages

Our experienced trained staff also can deliver short management and leadership sessions to staff within school.